Sidi Bou Said, Tunis

Phil's Journey through Journalism

Welcome to Sidi Bou Said, the Santorini of Tunisia. Among the blue doors and white roofs are 500 year old houses full of wares and ornately decorated with Islamic inscription. I stop for a mint tea, buy a Chechia, hand made rug and an olive tree decoration.

I’ve been welcomed by many, not too pressured though I’m well used to the bargining game. The views to Carthage are great. Potentially steer clear of the cheap jewellery but the ceramics are well renowned. It is already only day one and I’ve been tempted by leather bags. Temperatures of 20oC is not too warm though hot enough to be out in shorts and nylon shirt.

Yellow and Blue doors are works of art
View towards the Roman ruins of Carthage
A Medina in the town centre
Shops hide rich architectural designs

Carthage, Bardo Museum and Djerba are all to play for.


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