The Walled City

Phil's Journey through Journalism

Had a Haircut in Baldies after a Nandos. Enjoyed the seige museum and mulling the memory of peace time at the grave of Martin McGuinnes marked by a flower to Padre Pio. Also took in the Derry Girls mural. Must return to buy a painting and get to Malin head/Kinnegar beach in the summer.


Donegal in January (An Mhucais)

Phil's Journey through Journalism

Attempted successfully An Muckish 667.1m on a mixed day of weather. Aside from an early detour (an hour near the base) and 10 minutes of surprise 60-70kmph winds on return a few hail showers didn’t ruin the sunny spells and crucifix looking down on the North Irish Coast from the summit.

Approach via grotto was straight forward but steep in parts. Some of the advice online is a little scaremongering. Beware of high winds on saddle not in any of the guides. Got down before 1pm showers. I recommend summer climbing; hardly a soul on the climb in winter but an inexperienced climber may struggle with adverse/quickly changing conditions.

Before, a little nervous
After, mission complete!