Wroclaw, Poland

Phil's Journey through Journalism

Neon parks, an epic battle panorama and many ornate Baroque roofs have enamoured me and I’ve only been here one day. Early this morning I went for a run around the city and despite my track back function on Garmin, I arrived back at the hotel in a taxi 2 minute taxi. The subtlety of the street names is confusing on one hand, endearing in another much unlike Moscow’s ‘shosse’.

My highlight was potentially a full plate of ribs at a communist nostalgia student cafe near the Rynek district centre. See picture.

Commie restaurant Complete with Amstrad comparative Amiga.

At night the place comes alive. During the day navigation is made possible only by Church steeples poking their heads above 60s flats.

Churches in the Tumsk Ostrov region
Rynek Square during the day

Tomorrow I will visit Ksiaz Castle and sample some of Poland’s greatest architectural feats. I’m also looking forward to some shopping in Wrotslawia and a nice dinner out on the Odra!


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