Ksiaz Castle, Walbryzch

Phil's Journey through Journalism

Spent a day an hour south of Wroclaw. Enjoyed learning about transport gold tunnels from Germany during WWII and looking at a selection of stimulating art.

Ksiaz Castle

In particular, I enjoyed paintings of Willhem I at his grandfather’s grave. The exhibition was short but focused mainly on the Hochbergs. I was a little surprised about the condition of some of the paintings. Certainly the tapestries in the UK Royal residence compete with the condition though themes quite adept.

What the interior may lack is made up for by the articheture/facade. Also worth a visit and perhaps overshadowing the zamek is the 1794 battle of Raclowice panorama. See below.

Battle scene is a 360 delight

This afternoon/evening I visited the shopping centre Wrotslawia. Like most cities it is modern and warm with a food hall. I visited Guess, Colombia and a couple of Polish outlets. I finished my day with dinner at the Maddalena with a view of the Odra River.


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