Wroclaw Bridges and Tumski Ostrov

Phil's Journey through Journalism

On morning run visited the Tumski Ostrov skipped past a few pallets on the road north. The network of bridges make the place feel like a child’s clubhouse. At times I felt unsure if I was facing a dead end. Luckily the coloured bridges all link up.


Ksiaz Castle, Walbryzch

Phil's Journey through Journalism

Spent a day an hour south of Wroclaw. Enjoyed learning about transport gold tunnels from Germany during WWII and looking at a selection of stimulating art.

Ksiaz Castle

In particular, I enjoyed paintings of Willhem I at his grandfather’s grave. The exhibition was short but focused mainly on the Hochbergs. I was a little surprised about the condition of some of the paintings. Certainly the tapestries in the UK Royal residence compete with the condition though themes quite adept.

What the interior may lack is made up for by the articheture/facade. Also worth a visit and perhaps overshadowing the zamek is the 1794 battle of Raclowice panorama. See below.

Battle scene is a 360 delight

This afternoon/evening I visited the shopping centre Wrotslawia. Like most cities it is modern and warm with a food hall. I visited Guess, Colombia and a couple of Polish outlets. I finished my day with dinner at the Maddalena with a view of the Odra River.

Wroclaw, Poland

Phil's Journey through Journalism

Neon parks, an epic battle panorama and many ornate Baroque roofs have enamoured me and I’ve only been here one day. Early this morning I went for a run around the city and despite my track back function on Garmin, I arrived back at the hotel in a taxi 2 minute taxi. The subtlety of the street names is confusing on one hand, endearing in another much unlike Moscow’s ‘shosse’.

My highlight was potentially a full plate of ribs at a communist nostalgia student cafe near the Rynek district centre. See picture.

Commie restaurant Complete with Amstrad comparative Amiga.

At night the place comes alive. During the day navigation is made possible only by Church steeples poking their heads above 60s flats.

Churches in the Tumsk Ostrov region
Rynek Square during the day

Tomorrow I will visit Ksiaz Castle and sample some of Poland’s greatest architectural feats. I’m also looking forward to some shopping in Wrotslawia and a nice dinner out on the Odra!

Benevenagh, Limavady

Phil's Journey through Journalism

A short jaunt up a rainbow trout-filled mountainside. The hardest part is finding the start. Once located, a winding forest path takes you North West towards Donegal. Despite some ageing signs, getting lost is still possible. Follow walks NI to the letter. Especially watch out for high winds atop the coll.

Sign at start is misleading! Don’t follow the sign.

Views are spectacular. I can see why the Ulster Gliding club use this area for flights. The winds are very dangerous. While taking photos I could imagine my rucksack being pulled a little too much to the North-side! Total climbing time 2hrs (3 miles).

View on descent is as good as it is on the summit
Sheer Cliff drop.

Donegal in January (An Mhucais)

Phil's Journey through Journalism

Attempted successfully An Muckish 667.1m on a mixed day of weather. Aside from an early detour (an hour near the base) and 10 minutes of surprise 60-70kmph winds on return a few hail showers didn’t ruin the sunny spells and crucifix looking down on the North Irish Coast from the summit.

Approach via grotto was straight forward but steep in parts. Some of the advice online is a little scaremongering. Beware of high winds on saddle not in any of the guides. Got down before 1pm showers. I recommend summer climbing; hardly a soul on the climb in winter but an inexperienced climber may struggle with adverse/quickly changing conditions.

Before, a little nervous
After, mission complete!